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Contact us and experience a day in the life of the nursery

Why not arrange an appointment for you and your child to visit us, where you can see for yourself how your child will be cared for at Abigail’s?

Currently, it is only possible for parents to visit the nursery outside of normal opening hours

Normally we are also happy to welcome parents unannounced, on a drop-in basis. However, this is not possible at the moment due to Covid19 restrictions.

During the appointment, we can talk through the procedure for you to secure a place at the nursery.

Settling-into Abigail’s

Our Settling-In Policy is flexible and adaptable to suit the needs of each child. We encourage every parent to come along with their child for three no-cost “settling-in” sessions.

The first session usually lasts about an hour and is an opportunity for you to meet your child’s Key Worker, who will discuss with you the daily routines any special requirements / preferences / dislikes, and the types of activities in which your child will take part.

The second session is usually 2 hours. We encourage you to leave your child with their Key Worker, to gently ease your child into the routines of the nursery.

The third session follows the same routine as the second session.

We never rush the settling-in process as we understand how important it is for children and parents to feel comfortable with their new environment.

Session Times
Full Day 7.30am – 6pm
Morning Session 7.30am – 12.30pm
Afternoon Session 1.00pm – 6pm


You may bring, and collect, your child at any time during the booked session.

We are open for 52 weeks per year, closing only for Bank Holidays.

(We close at 12.30pm on Christmas Eve and on New Years’ Eve)

All fees are inclusive of nappies, nappy creams, meals, snacks and drinks, except formula milk. (You can supply your preferred brand of formula [or your breast milk] for us to prepare for your child. We provide the bottles).